DIY Photo Frame transformation…

I thought I would share about a little DIY picture frame transformation I did for Grace’s bedroom as I got quite a few questions about them when I shared about them over on Instagram.

We were gifted a selection of Frenchic lazy range chalk paint for a couple of projects when we did Grace’s room revamp and I really loved this hornblower blue colour so wanted to make sure I could corporate into Graces ‘blue and pink’ bedroom.

I had purchased some original drawings from Prints By Leah in a flash sale she did and wanted them to go up on the wall in Grace’s room, and I bought some cheap frames a year or so ago from Poundstretcher that had just sat in a cupboard as they just didn’t go with our decor at all.

I thought instead of splashing out on some new frames, why not make the ones I already have suitable?!

So I got to work with the Frenchic paint and applied a thin first coat over the silver frames.

This was that part of any project where you think oh gosh what have I done as it looks super streaky and patchy but it’s always the ugly duckling method! I went on an applied the second coat a little thicker and it covered it really well. There were one or two small areas that I needed to touch up again, that I had missed on the edges and crevices on the second coat so once I had touched these up they really did look great. I was really impressed with how fast the paints dry between coats too. I had managed to complete the entire project in an evening!

Once the Hornblower paint had dried I used a little Mod Podge and some cheap gold flakes from Sostrene Grene to dab into the corner sections to make a little ‘gold leaf’ effect on each of the frames, as I wanted to bring a few little touches of gold into the blue and pink theme!

Once the frames were all dry, prints put inside and I hung them on the wall, I have to say I was pretty pleased with how they had turned out! I think they look really great with the colour scheme in the room and I love that they are completely unique frames that I personally think look really good!

If you fancy having a go at Frenchic painting some of your own projects I’ll add an affiliate link here that takes you to their different product ranges:


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